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Print-on-Demand Christmas Trends for 2021

Christmas is just around the corner, and one of the year’s biggest-selling opportunities is coming with it. For 2021, Deloitte is expecting an 11-15 % increase in ecommerce holiday sales compared to last year. Furthermore, 73% of shoppers plan to buy clothing and accessories for themselves. 

There are three months left, and most people start with their Christmas decorations right after Thanksgiving, which falls on Thursday, November 25th this year. Some are even starting to decorate after Halloween! That is why we recommend you start uploading your designs by early October.  

If you haven’t prepared your POD store yet, take this as a sign. Keep reading to find the best Christmas 2021 trends and marketing tips to launch your sales! 

Who is doing all the Christmas shopping? 

When working on your designs and creating your ad campaigns, think about who’s your customer to improve your sales opportunities. Consider some of the following audiences: 

  • Families. It’s not only parents who are gift-givers; the whole family’s in on it, too! Grandparents, aunts, uncles, children…make the most out of the family niche!
  • Home decorators. People love to decorate their homes and workspaces, sometimes right after Halloween. Sell products and create campaigns for home decor accessories, ornaments, work from home accessories, and matching outfits.  
  • Couples. Who said February is the only month of love? Add some products for couples and target people who recently started a relationship, had a baby, or are looking for corny Christmas designs. 
  • Return visitors. Did you know 70% of users who view retargeting ads are more likely to purchase than new visitors? Creating retargeting ads with your Christmas products is a must!

New Products for Holidays 2021

New holiday ornaments

We’re excited to share that we’ve added some new, festive products to our Product Catalog. These seasonal-inspired items are here just in time for the holidays - check them out:

Special Holiday Promo

Holiday ornaments promo banner

Get $1 off single ornaments and $2 off ornament sets (3 pieces) from now until 23:59 November 30 PST. Discount applies to base cost and 3k base cost only.

Trending Products and Design Ideas for Christmas 2021  

Unsure of what products to sell this Christmas? These are our suggestions, along with some design inspo! 

T-Shirt, mug, and poster with personalization option for print on demand

Personalization is the season’s queen!

Personalization is the final touch to a great gift, so go crazy with our personalizable feature, and let your customers give their gifts a personal touch!

Product recommendations: 

Did you know that we’re preparing a Customily integration? Follow us on social media to stay tuned!

Hanukkah design ideas for custom products


Although it is not an old tradition, in recent years, Hanukkah celebrants include gifts to this festivity. Hanukkah is one month before Christmas, so don’t forget to add some designs to your store. 

Product recommendations: 

Sweatshirt, color-changing mug, and face-mask with pandemic-related designs

The Return of the Pandemic & The Ugly Face Masks

Lockdown might be over, but the pandemic and its memes aren’t. Don’t forget to add fun designs around the theme, including ugly face masks with hilarious mouth or lip designs.   

Product recommendations: 

Pro tip: Be careful with the wording on your designs! Remember that some words are against Facebook policies, so you want to be safe to avoid affecting your ad campaigns.

Hoodie, Christmas ornaments and Christmas stocking with Christmas designs on them

Back to Basics

We’ll never tire of traditions. Santa Claus, snowmen, reindeers, and golden stars are a must-have, so be sure to add some classic Christmas designs to your POD store. 

Product recommendations: 

T-shirt with matching designs, a best-selling product for Christmas 2021

Matching Outfits 

Not only do families love matching outfits, but couples and coworkers alike have fun with them. Add the following products to your POD store with matching designs:

Product recommendations: 

Wrapped canvas and poster design ideas for Christmas 2021

2021 Craziness 

2021 was another crazy year, and we all know it. Hilarious quotes, memes, and references to all the madness we all went through this year will be a great addition to your print-on-demand store. 

Product recommendations: 

How to Boost Your Christmas Sales

Update your website

Add a festive look to your custom domain! Update your banners, text, and collections so they embrace the snowy feeling. Give an extra touch with the Christmasy mockups we’ve created.

If you don’t have a custom domain yet, what are you waiting for? Get yours before the Holiday season! 

Flash Sales + Discounts

Flash sales are a highly effective marketing strategy, so consider creating limited-time offers for the holidays. In addition, you can prepare holiday discounts for early shoppers. 

Don’t forget to add catchy copy on your main banner, so shoppers see your discounts as soon as they arrive on your website! 

Retargeting Ads 

As we’ve shared before, returning users are more likely to buy than new visitors, so preparing retargeting ads is one of the smartest things you can do. 

Social Media Ads are your Friends

TikTok might be hot, but 37% of Gen Z get their shopping inspiration from Instagram, so don’t forget about the original social media channels.

Psst, did you know Chip is an official partner with Google Shopping? Learn how to prepare your Chip account for Google Shopping.

Christmas Cut-Off Dates

The last months of the year are crazy for the ecommerce world, so make sure your customers get their orders on time: 

  • Standard shipping: December 3rd
  • Fast shipping December 7th
    • Eligible fast shipping products: 
      • Mugs, Color-changing mugs
      • Posters (all sizes)
      • Men's Classic T-shirt (Colors: black, purple, heliconia, royal, texas orange, navy, light pink, Irish green, forest green, white, red)


  • All you want for Christmas is here. Get your gifts now!
  • Be naughty, you’re Santa anyway. Shop now!
  • Eat, Drink, and get your Christmas gifts!
  • ‘Tis the season to be jolly! Use our discount now!
  • Jingle all the way you do your Christmas shopping!
  • Save Santa a trip, shop now!

Prepare your store for Christmas!

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