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A Guide to Chip’s Profit & Payment Process

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So, you’re making sales with Chip - congratulations! Before you request a payout for your print-on-demand or dropship business, there are some important steps to follow in our fast, simple, and secure payment process. To avoid any delays in receiving your money, make sure you follow our step-by-step instructions below.

Set up your payment information

Step 1: Add a verified PayPal account

First thing first, link a verified PayPal account to your payment details. This is a mandatory step for all Chip sellers. Go to Accounts & Settings > Payment Info > Fill out your PayPal account information.

Note: Please contact us at if PayPal is restricted in your country of residence.

Payment info

Step 2: Select your payment method

On the same Settings page, open the dropdown menu under Payout Preference and select your preferred account to receive funds. Fill out the necessary information or link your account, then click Save Changes.

Payout preference

Chip offers three payment options to withdraw your profit. See the table below for the transaction fees and processing times per each method.

Payment methodFeeTime
PayPalNo charge1-3 business days
Payoneer$3 per each transaction1-3 business days
Wire transfer (Bank transfer)$25 per each transaction3-5 business days


  • Please make sure your payment accounts are valid. Otherwise, this may result in your funds not being transferred.
  • Only your first payout will take at least five days for review and approval.
  • For any sellers who live outside the U.S., you must use a foreign currency account for a wire transfer. 
  • Any third-party costs like additional PayPal fees may vary seller to seller. Contact the third-party before pricing the product.

Request a payout

Go to Profit in your dashboard and click on the “Withdraw funds” button. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw.

Withdraw funds

Once you click submit, a confirmation email will be sent to the email associated with your Chip account. You will need to confirm the payout request as the final step for a payout to be processed.

Payout email confirmation

And there you go! Your money is on its way.

Dropship Profit & Payouts

Seller payouts for Dropship products will follow Chip’s regular payout process. However, for Dropship, Chip will hold profit assignment until we’ve received a tracking code from the supplier. Once that’s received, profit assignment will run immediately after. This can take a few days after the customer’s order is received by the supplier.

How are Dropship profits calculated?

After importing a product, Chip displays each variant's estimated profits on the Product Details page. Estimated profit is based on the current variant cost, variant price, and an estimation of the transaction fee. The actual profit is calculated using the following formula:

Seller's actual profit = Product price - Transaction fee - Product cost - Seller discounts

where Transaction fee = Total cart cost (including shipping and tax, if applicable) x Transaction rate (%)

With international shipping, shipping costs will vary more across countries, so sellers should expect more discrepancies between the estimated profit and actual profit.

Chip Card

If you’re looking for a way to access your funds sooner, check out the Chip Card. With this handy card, you can reinvest your profits and, in just a few minutes, you’ll have funds to use for your marketing campaigns. 

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The application is free and easy
  • No monthly or annual fees, no cancellation fees, and 0% transaction fees
  • It works seamlessly with authorized merchants such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

Learn more on our blog.

Frequently Asked Questions


Seller's actual profit = Product price - Transaction fee - Product cost - Seller discounts

where Transaction fee = Total cart cost (including shipping and tax, if applicable) x Transaction rate (%)


Profit = (Sale price - Base cost) * 93% - Discounts (if any)

*The processing fee is 7%, which is used to cover customer service costs, credit card processing fees, and fraud protection.

**If there are any free shipping offers or discounts, these amounts will be credited to sellers’ profits.

If you wish to cancel a payout request, do not confirm it in the email. If you have already confirmed the email, please submit a ticket here. We can only process cancellations for pending requests or requests in queue.

You are able to withdraw funds only when it is made available in your Available Balance. Your balance becomes available within 24 hours after the sales have been approved.

Current Balance = Pending + Available Balance

For several reasons, our system may not recognize your PayPal account. Please contact us here for further assistance.

If this is your first payout request, you will need to wait up to five business days.

Wire transfers take approximately three to five business days.

If neither of these situations apply to you, please contact us here for assistance.

Your payouts can be held for 30 to 90 days.
If there is any buyer’s dispute occurred during this period related to false advertisements, the dispute amount will be deducted on your profit, including the shipping fee and basecost.

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