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2021 Important Holiday Updates

At Chip, helping our sellers succeed is what we do best, and we love what we do. During the 2021 holiday season, we want to make sure you not only have the best resources and tools to optimize your store, but also the right information to ensure everything happens in a smooth and timely manner. […]

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What is Facebook's Conversion API?

TL;DR: Facebook’s Conversion API offers better data-tracking accuracy of buyers’ behaviors. If you want to learn more about your buyers’ interests and behaviors, Facebook Ads is one of the best places to go. However, with Apple’s iOS 14.5 release, Facebook needed a way to help advertisers track KPIs while respecting consumers’ privacy. Keep reading to […]

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Apple’s iOS 14.3 Privacy Policy and the Facebook Audience Network

Apple’s new privacy policy severely limits Facebook’s ability to personalize ads for iOS users on third-party apps in the Facebook Audience Network. Ads from Chip sellers on Facebook and Instagram are not affected by this change. However, advertisers who have campaigns that are opted-in to the Audience Network will need to make changes to reach […]

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Starting your online business in the age of ecommerce

There are many reasons why you might consider starting an online business: You own a storefront want to expand online; you're looking to break out of your 9-5; or you simply want to take a passion or hobby and turn it into income. Starting an ecommerce business can be overwhelming. But proper planning can remove much […]

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