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20 Trending Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2022

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This year has been challenging, and a lot has changed in how shoppers behave online. Luckily, Chip is here to help you navigate through the (sometimes rough) dropshipping waters. 

We know how hard it can be to find best-selling dropshipping products to add to your store. That’s why we’ve gathered the top categories that boosted our sellers’ numbers this year, and the most promising products for 2022. 

Keep reading and prepare to stay ahead of the ecommerce race!

2021 Chip hot dropshipping product categories to sell

If you’ve kept an eye on our latest blogs and you’re always on testing out new products, you might already be familiar with the best-selling dropship products we’ve seen this year at Chip:

  1. Footwear
  2. Smart gadgets
  3. Home accessories
  4. Beauty products
  5. Apparel 

As of late, people are spending more time at home, spoiling themselves more, and adorning their home with decor and smart gadgets alike. The good news? Some of these products are staying hot for the next year!

Now that dropshipping has gone international, you can sell more products to an even larger audience. 

Browse our forecast of top trending dropshipping product categories to get a better idea of what you should start selling. Remember, you can always check their selling potential by taking a look at AliExpress ratings and reviews!

Tech Products

Earphones, and other gadgets are trending dropshipping products

Tech products and their accessories, such as smart gadgets and wearable devices, are becoming increasingly popular dropshipping products. As their market won’t stop growing, we highly recommend you add them to your store if you haven’t done so yet.  

✍? Pro Tip: Use Google Trends to discover a product’s demand over time. This will help you know what’s best to add for the following months! 

Home Decor 

Kitchen appliances are one of the best dropshipping products to sell

People are still spending more time than usual at home, so there’s no wonder why this product category has maintained its popularity. But don’t stop at home decorations. Think of garden decorations, cleaning products, and kitchen appliances, too. Everyone loves a cozy house!

Sports & Fitness

Yoga mats, sports bras are some of the best products to dropship

This category’s demand has only increased in recent years. The best part? It’s highly profitable!

Home workouts will be a trend for a long time, so don’t miss out on this sales opportunity. Add fitness clothing, yoga mats, and water bottles to your store. They’ll complement your wearable devices well!

Makeup & Beauty 

Nail polish and makeup are some of the best products to dropship

We’re in the age of self-care, and we love it! 

Stay on the lookout for makeup and hairstyle trends so you jump in on time. And remember: Men also take care of their appearance, so don’t focus only on products for women.


Shoes and clothes are trending dropshipping products

Apparel and clothing items will always be best-selling. Add comfortable clothing and keep an eye out on up-and-coming colors and seasonal trends, so you always find the best products to sell online. 


Plush dolls and interactive games are some of the best dropshipping products to sell

Looking for another evergreen product? You should definitely consider selling toys. Test dolls, plush dolls, interactive games, or sensory toys to check which ones resonate more with your audience. 

Pet Accessories

Pet clothing and toys are some of the best products to dropship

People love their dogs and cats, even some famous chatty parrots. There are plenty of products you can add for pet lovers, including pet clothing, toys, accessories, interactive toys, pet beds, water fountains, etc. 

PS. Adding “As seen on TikTok” to your ads could help you increase your click-through rate!

Office Supplies 

Office supplies are some of the best products to dropship for 2022

Yup, it’s almost 2022 and people are still working from home. It would be crazy to forget about office products. 

Office chairs, desks, desk organizers, and funny post-its are a must. Don’t forget some children are still taking virtual classes, so include chairs for them, too!

Still unsure of what to sell? Check out the curated selection we’ve prepared for you: 

  1. Sports bras
  2. Color-changing makeup
  3. Mini projectors
  4. Custom necklaces
  5. Portable phone charger
  6. Neon signs
  7. Glitter lipsticks 
  8. Desk chairs
  9. Drones
  10. Phone tripods
  11. Mini microphones 
  12. Earphones
  13. Strapless bras
  14. Gel cleaners
  15. Pet hair remover
  16. Cleaning pastes
  17. Bow headbands
  18. Reusable nails
  19. Veggie choppers
  20. Portable door locks 

Prepare your store now!

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