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How to Optimize Your Campaign Details

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After selecting the products and colors and uploading your artwork, getting your campaign details right will help customers make purchases more confidently.

Let’s break down each section to learn about which product details and order policies you should be including and which you’re better off avoiding.

Campaign Title

Let’s name your campaign!

Place the most relevant and popular keywords (by search volume) at the beginning of the title, and don’t forget to include your brand’s name.

Your campaign title shouldn’t exceed 50 characters. Title tags should be unique to every page and read like a sentence - not just a list of keywords.

Example: Gifts for Dog Moms - Your Brand

Campaign Description

Your campaign description can be up to 2,000 characters long. This means you can get as creative and as explanatory as you want. Include keywords, and ensure the description reads like a sentence and not just an influx of keywords. A campaign description should be easy to read and tell the potential buyer what your campaign is about. 

Share product specifications or campaign details such as payment information, shipping method, disclaimers, and any additional information that a customer could find valuable. Don’t forget to include the names of the products you'll be selling in your campaign description! 


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SEO Tip: Optimize your campaign title and description by including high-volume keywords, so they’re SEO friendly and customers can more easily find your store. Your page’s ranking on search engines will thank you later!

Campaign description


Customize your URL, again, using relevant keywords when possible. Don’t make your URL too long, and you can omit words like “a,” “the,” and other articles that would lengthen it. 


Add a campaign to a storefront

If you have similar campaigns, you can bundle them together in a storefront. 

Example - a storefront can include the following campaigns:

  • Dog Lover Gifts
  • Cool Animal Lover Shirts
  • Gifts for Dog Moms

Learn more about How to Create a Storefront.

Category Tags

Adding category tags will help customers navigate your store more easily and find similar products to those that were already looking to buy. For example, you can name your tags by themes, trends, fashion styles, etc.

Example tags: Motivational, Home Goods, Animals, Travel, Astronomy

Set up Social Media Pixels

Sharing and advertising your campaign on social media will certainly give your products way more exposure.

Make sure you track your ad conversions by installing Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok pixels.

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