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TikTok Pixel Setup Guide

TikTok Pixel Setup Guide

The TikTok pixel works by tracking people’s actions after viewing or engaging with your ads on the platform. Conversion tracking enables you to measure your return on ad spend and therefore provides you with more buyer insights. 

  • Conversion tracking: Measure your TikTok ads’ conversions based on the events you’ve defined. 
  • Event: When creating a pixel, you can choose the tracking rules to know whether a user completed a particular action, for example, adding a product to their cart or completed checkout.
  • Ad optimization: By monitoring your sales in relation to your ads, you can pivot and adjust accordingly to find your products’ right audience.

Set up your TikTok Pixel

Step 1: Log into your TikTok Ads Manager account.

Step 2: Name your pixel and select to install pixel code manually.

Step 3: Choose Developer Mode to set your event rules and click Next.

Step 4: Copy your Pixel Code and complete your pixel creation.

Step 5: Go to your Chip seller dashboard.

Step 6: Go to Campaign Details > Conversion Tracking > Paste your TikTok pixel ID.

Step 7: After you’ve set the TikTok pixel ID and installed TikTok Pixel Helper, you can start tracking!

Important note: You must select Developer Mode when choosing how to set your event rules. Otherwise, the tracking will be incorrect. If you have already selected Standard mode, you'll have to create new pixels to effectively track your ads' events. Learn more about installing pixels in developer mode here.

Optimize the TikTok Pixel to boost success on Chip

  1. Verify your pixel’s status with TikTok Pixel Helper, just to be sure that user tracking is going smoothly. You’re going to want to know how far your potential customer will go in the shopping funnel.
  2. Choose a scenario that describes your business goals and test with different scenarios (event settings). Gathering data will help you create better ads for the future.
  3. Don’t forget to target your ads to audiences by interests and demographics. You can also add an ad group for people who have already bought something from you. If they’re already a fan, it might just take a friendly reminder for them to come back and purchase more items from you.

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