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How to monetize via Pinterest

Pinterest started as the number 1 DIY and ideas for decoration platform. Still, like any other social media channel, it evolved, becoming one of the most potent shopping search engines of all the internet.  

Pinterest has 431 million monthly active users worldwide, and close to 89% of these users make their purchasing decisions based on research made on this platform. 
Check here some of the best reasons why your business should be on Pinterest and why you should learn how to sell on this e-commerce ally platform.

How to sell on Pinterest

Before getting those sales on Pinterest, you'll want to read the following steps that will help you set up your brand and monetize it quicker.

Choose your target audience  

Before selling your products, it's essential to know your ideal customer. Putting together a buyer persona and researching their hobbies and interests, job, where and what they love to buy will give you a hint about the perfect product and content your customer will consume.

Brand your Pinterest account

It's vital to outstanding your brand visually if you want your audience to recognize it instantly. You can achieve this by uploading a high-resolution profile picture and a header that matches all your profiles and creating visuals that match all your boards.

Create visually attractive boards

Think to yourself, what kind of content I'd like to see on Pinterest? As content consumers, our answers will always be:

  • High-quality photographs
  • Bright colors 
  • Matching brand graphics 
  • Easy to read fonts

Pinterest SEO

If you want your products to be on the first pages of Pinterest, you need an SEO strategy.

Research keywords related to your industry and use them on pins and boards titles and descriptions, making sure they sound natural so your SEO strategy will work. 

For example, if you sell products for Valentine's Day, you'd like to create a board titled "The Best Gifts for Valentine's Day." with the following description: "Find the best gifts for Valentine's Day and be the most fantastic lover this day!"

And these keywords:

  • valentine's day gifts 
  • custom valentine's day gifts 
  • valentine's day gift guide 
  • best products for valentine's day

Create catalogs and organize your pins

If you have an online store, creating a product catalog will help your audience know your brand and increase the likelihood of buying.

Publish constantly on Pinterest 

If you publish too little, your audience might get bored and unfollow, but they might get overwhelmed if you post too much. The key is being consistent with your content. Create a schedule about when and what you're going to share and follow up; this will give you insights into when it's the right time to post.

Invest in promoted pins

Get your pins to be on top by promoting them. Pinterest campaigns will allow you to get more sales by reaching your ideal customers through dynamic targeting such as interest, age, and gender and lead them directly to your website.

Let’s get those sales!

Pinterest is a great platform to attract new customers and get more sales. 
Succeed on this incredible social media channel by creating a business Pinterest account, choosing your target wisely, creating relevant pins for your audience, and don't forget to be consistent!

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