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Guide to Creating a Great Dropship Listing

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Thousands of sellers have access to AliExpress, meaning you’ll find many dropshippers selling the same products. This is why it's so important that dropship sellers follow ecommerce stores’ best practices when creating and marketing their listings. 

Find out how to create listings in successful dropshipping stores that stand out from the crowd!

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Dropship listing naming & product descriptions

An accurately named product is more likely to be found by potential buyers and better ranked by search engines. In addition, accurately describing your product will reassure customers they’ve found the product they were looking for and prevent them from leaving your dropshipping store disappointed.

How to name dropship products

When writing your product title, make sure you’re focusing on the product. Your product title should be descriptive and include the following:

  • Brand name
  • Color and/or variant
  • Size and/or quantity
  • Keywords

In addition, keep your listings professional by avoiding words such as limited collection, final sale, etc. Learn more about ecommerce SEO best practices on our SEO 101 blog post.

How to write dropship product descriptions 

Knowing your customers means knowing precisely who you’ll be targeting. The tone of voice and choice of words used in your descriptions will have to be different depending on the audience. 

1. Speak your customers’ language

Know your target market. Ideally, your target market should check the following boxes:

  • The market is clearly defined - Find out what your potential market is interested in, what's their relationship & family status, and what they do for a living.
  • Active online - You can access your target market through your dropship store and social media ads.
  • Ideal fit - Your product listing matches your customers’ needs and wants. It supports their worldview and seamlessly goes with their lifestyle.
  • Predisposed to acquire your product - Think about how your product will make your customers’ lives better. Then, enlighten them with a compelling sales pitch!

2. Write your own product descriptions 

Product descriptions from AliExpress are not always well written and contain typos that will make potential buyers distrust your business. Also, repetitive copy across different stores on the internet may get flagged and reduce your search tool index score. 

3. Keep descriptions short and clear

When writing your dropship listing’s description, less is more. Consider using bullet points and editing your description to make it easily readable. Once you’re done, scan it one last time for any information that might not be relevant to your customer and remove it. 

4. Add relevant images to your dropship description

Consider including high-quality images to communicate any extra information that the potential buyer might find relevant. For example, adding images to your description can help to explain if:

  • The product contains separate parts. 
  • It’s not clear how the product works.
  • The product’s dimensions are unique.

5. Use grammar & typo check-tools 

Make sure you're communicating the right message and that it's correctly spelled. Get an extra pair of analytical eyes that will never again let a typo slide through. Here are some grammar-check tools that may assist your dropship listings’ writing:

Add product variants & prices

  • Carefully double-check the price for each variant to make sure the cost-price correlation makes sense and is actually profitable.
  • Read and update the variant names imported from AliExpress. Many times they’re not accurately descriptive or don’t even match the product.
  • Increase your products’ exposure by adding your dropship product listings to multiple domains.
  • Remember to add your listing to a relevant storefront to give your listings more visibility.

Update your dropship listing

Keep your dropship listing relevant! Visit your initial AliExpress listings’ links occasionally to check for:

  • New supplier information
  • Change in variants’ availability 
  • Pricing alteration

Once you've checked for possible changes, make sure you update your listing on Chip accordingly. You can do so by going to the dashboard.

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