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Dropship Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Limitations

Yes. Chip Dropship sellers will have to comply with the following policies when determining which product they’ll be selling:

  • The product must cost less than $250 USD on AliExpress.
  • The product must cost less than $15 USD to ship to the United States.
  • The product must not be a consumer-packaged good (this most often applies to food and cleaning supplies).
  • The product must not contain intellectual property not owned by the seller.
  • The product must not be customizable outside of what functionality is available in AliExpress (this most often applies to items that can be personalized or customized).
  • The product must not be of an industrial or commercial nature.

If any of the previously mentioned policies have been broken, Chip will proceed to take actions that may include but are not limited to:

  • Deactivating all listings related to the product
  • Disabling the product and making it uneditable
  • Canceling all orders for the product
  • Repossessing all assigned payments for orders of the product
  • Placing the seller on more stringent policies in the future
  • Deactivating a seller’s account

Chip Services

Chip provides the same standard services for Dropship sellers and customers as it does for its print-on-demand (POD) sellers and customers. This includes an extensive product selection, built-in payment processing and chargeback management, fast and automated fulfillment, and customer support.

Additionally, Chip also handles all interactions with suppliers, including order transactions, shipping transactions, disputes, returns, and more.

Exchange and Return Policies

Buyers can return products via our online form.

At this moment, all exchanges and returns are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to us at with any questions.

Chip will respond to all returns within two business days.

No, seller profit will not be repossessed because of a return. However, access to products and/or suppliers may become restricted as a result of excessive returns.

Shipping and Delivery

The SLA the seller can see on AliExpress is the SLA that will be used for the order. Chip monitors suppliers to ensure that they’re meeting their SLA, and we will take action if a supplier isn’t meeting its reported SLA.

No, SLA vary depending on the product’s shipping country of origin, but products typically have an SLA of 7 to 14 business days post order processing.

Buyers will receive communications from Chip regarding their order statuses. Chip, not sellers, will be responsible for any refunds related to late deliveries.

Chip follows a standard protocol for choosing the best shipping option to ensure having a tracking code for every item we process:

  1. Our first choice is AliExpress standard shipping.
  2. If that’s not available, then we choose the most affordable option with a tracking code.
  3. If that’s not available, then we simply go with the most affordable option.


Payment assignment will occur when the tracking code has been loaded from the supplier to Chip. Processing times will vary from supplier to supplier, so we advise sellers to decide on the best supplier for their products. 

Note: Cheaper suppliers typically take longer to process orders than more expensive ones do.


Seller's actual profit = Product price - Transaction fee - Product cost - Seller discounts

where Transaction fee = Total cart cost (including shipping and tax, if applicable) x Transaction rate (%)


Profit = (Sale price - Base cost) * 93% - Discounts (if any)

*The processing fee is 7%, which is used to cover customer service costs, credit card processing fees, and fraud protection.

**If there are any free shipping offers or discounts, these amounts will be credited to sellers’ profits.


For additional information or further support, please contact us at

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