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Benefits of Adding Subaccounts

Do you have more than one person accessing your seller dashboard? If so, it’s time you secure and protect your online business.

It’s great to see that your business is selling more than you can handle alone and therefore you need to hire new people, but bear in mind that you should be giving access permissions lightly.

To ensure your data and campaigns stay away from potential harm, start adding subaccounts for the extra hands that keep your business up and running.

Main account vs. Subaccounts

So, what’s the difference between a main account and a subaccount?

The main account is a seller’s master account. Sellers can access all features within the seller dashboard, as well as manage and grant permissions to their subaccounts.

On the other hand, subaccounts are helpful for sellers to grant limited or all-access permissions to their employees. Sellers can decide whether they want the subaccount owner to view their profits or stats as well as to execute other actions on their behalf.

If you have more than one domain, you can also choose whether to limit the access of a subaccount only to a particular domain. Domain-specific permissions will determine whether a subaccount can: 

  • Add or modify storefronts, campaigns, and coupons
  • Receive takedown emails
  • View profit and sales on the Campaigns page

How to set up Subaccounts 

Creating a subaccount is easy, and it gives sellers peace of mind. You wouldn’t want anybody to mess around with your money-making campaigns!

To add a new subaccount:

  1. Go to settings in your seller dashboard.
  2. Click Accounts and select Add Subaccounts.
  3. Enter the email address of the person you the subaccount to be assigned to.
  4. Select the permissions and actions you wish this person to be able to execute.
  5. Click Add Subaccount to complete the process.

Create a subaccount today

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