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Automated Sales Engine

Make extra profits with no additional effort

The Automated Sales Engine (ASE) tool is a powerful way to make additional sales with ease. Chip handles the marketing and promotion of your campaigns and you watch your profits grow with no extra effort.

Customer personas help boost conversions

After sorting through millions of unique data points and buyer demographics, the ASE is able to create a rich collection of “customer personas.” This translates to a deep understanding of buyers’ interests, allowing the ASE to match customers with the campaigns they’ll love.

The Automated Sales Engine (ASE) learns how to maximize sales over time.

We handle the placement and marketing for you

The ASE promotes your campaigns through four channels:

  1. marketplace (optimized search and homepage)*
  2. Placement on successful third-party marketplaces
  3. Site-wide automated upsells
  4. Promotional emails sent to past buyers
  5. Google display ads (coming soon)

*Does not apply to campaigns from custom domains.

Track your ASE profits with ease

Every Monday, your ASE profits report will be generated under the “Profit” section of Chip. Look for the label “ASE Profits” under “Activity” to find your ASE profits from the past week.

ASE profits are displayed under the “Profit” tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I turn off the ASE?

A: We encourage you to take advantage of extra ASE profits but you can always turn off the ASE if desired. Simply navigate to Domains >“Details > and click the toggle button next to “Automated Sales Engine.”

*Note: When ASE is turned off, other marketing channels will also be inactivated, except for abandoned cart emails and auto upsells.

Q: Can I collect customer data from my ASE sales?

A: ASE buyer data is not made available to sellers. However, all profits can be tracked in the “Profits” tab from the seller dashboard.

Q: What kind of sales are not considered an “ASE sale”?

A: Sales that can be directly attributed to the marketing efforts of a seller are not an “ASE sale.” Most non-ASE sales come from sellers’ Facebook ads and email marketing.

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