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Fonts Guide for Personalized Text

Fonts Guide for Personalized Text

It’s easy to lose yourself in designing a t-shirt and completely forgetting about the font. But when you’re aiming to create a t-shirt design that looks fantastic and clearly communicates a message, there’s nothing more important than choosing the right font.

The best font is one that is aligned with your message. Finding it can be a bit difficult if you’re not a designer, which is why we’ve created this Fonts Guide. 

Start learning how to select the right font for your personalized text design now!

1. Good for all designs: Lato

Another font in this category: Century Gothic 

If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all type of font, you’re in the right place. These fonts are simple yet modern, very easy to read, and incredibly versatile—the perfect fit for a design aiming at fundraising or even a wedding. Try out Lato on your classic tees and tote bags.

2. Kids: Blokletters-Balpen

Another font in this category: Komika Title

There’s something inherently fun and playful in designs meant for kids, and we have the perfect fonts to match them all. They are easy to read and have a unique childlike touch. Try out Blokletters-Balpen on your youth t-shirts and onesies for a cheerful look.

3. University/College: Varsity

More fonts in this category: FM College Team Outline and Stencil

These big-size font types are the perfect fit for school and sports designs. They are bold and all caps with a cheery vibe. The fantastic Varsity font will give your t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts that sporty look many universities go for.

4. Classic: Duvall

Another font in this category: Vinque

Who doesn’t love a timeless look? They are elegant yet charming, which is why our classic fonts are perfect for that unique old-timey touch to personalization. Try out our Duvall font on pillow shams and hanging canvas for that endearing old-school look.

5. Retro: Bauhaus93

More fonts in this category: Buffalo Nickel and Kool Beans

These fonts are meant to revive the retro 80’s and 90’s aesthetic trend. They are a great fit for adventurous and fun designs that require short words. Bauhaus93 will look awesome on your classic tees and tote bags for that classic 90’s look.

6. Handwriting: HelenasHand

Another font in this category: Art Brush

There’s something undeniably touching about handwritten letters. Fonts in this category are perfect for personal messages to a loved one or family designs, as they are refined and elegant. The clean HelenasHand font will look amazing on your mugs and canvas prints.

7. Graffiti: To Be Continued

Another font in this category: Street Soul

If you’re looking for that rebellious look that makes a statement, these fonts are exactly that. They are great for streetwear designs, as they are bold and all caps. Try out To Be Continued to achieve that urban vibe in your t-shirts and phone cases.

8. Digital: Quartzbold

More fonts in this category: Aldo and Zekton Free

These fonts are the perfect fit for futuristic designs. They are modern, numeric, and easy to read. They are great for countdowns for retirement, vacations, weddings, and summer. Try out Quartzbold on classic t-shirts, tote bags, and tumblers.

9. Special Occasions: Almonte Snow

Another font in this category: Green Fuz

There’s a font for every occasion, and we have the perfect ones for Christmas, Halloween, and themed parties. The unique Almonte Snow font is the perfect choice to rock your Christmas hooded sweatshirts and mugs with its perfect snowy look.

10. Cultural: Chinyen

More fonts in this category: Konfuciuz and Takeout

Every country has characteristics that make them unique, and these fonts highlight some of those awesome traits. They go very well with cultural designs, as they are fun and creative. The awesome “Chinyen” font will look great on your t-shirts and tote bags.

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