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Cut and sew products are a variation of our all-over-print (also called all-over-sublimation or AOS) products, and they're the perfect choice for sellers looking for a more premium AOS offering. 

While the sublimation technique remains the same, cut and sew items get printed before assembly. The final product is seamless coloring and quality.

Designing for Cut & Sew Products

Like every other Chip process, campaign creation for cut and sew products is easy. Upload your artwork and make adjustments according to the guidelines and make sure to:

  • Keep your main design within the safe area
  • Fill up the print area with background design
  • Avoid designs with borders too close to the cut and sew edge

Check the Cut & Sew selling guide we’ve prepared to make sure your artwork prints perfectly. 

Why Sell Cut & Sew Products with Chip


Don’t sweat the small stuff. Get up and sell in minutes with simple and straightforward campaign creation.

Highly customizable

Achieve a more cohesive line with multiple art files in one campaign. Go a level deeper and customize specific sections of each product.


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Product Collection

From wearable essentials to home must-haves, our ever-growing list of cut and sew products is the perfect blank canvas for your inspiration. Click on each product to learn more.

Each product is printed, cut, sewn, and shipped directly to your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but we recommend limiting the variations per campaign so that shoppers don’t get overwhelmed.

Start with a simple pattern that you can apply to all parts of the product before you move on to something more complex.

The cut and sew process makes even simple prints look great, eliminating the white streaks that typically appear around the seams with traditional all-over sublimated products.

During campaign creation, the resolution may look low. After you’ve uploaded all the required artwork, click on the preview tab to see the final product in full resolution.

We highly recommend not having the main components of your design too close to the seam or margins. Check out each product’s selling guide for specific design best practices.

Production lead times range from 3 to 7 days. Estimated delivery times range from 10 to 15 business days. Your customers can track their package’s delivery progress at any time on

If you own a custom domain, they can check it on

We’d love to hear from you

Whether you have a question we didn’t address here or suggestions for more cut and sew products, let us know by emailing 

Create a Cut & Sew Campaign

Create a Cut & Sew Campaign
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