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Shopper Accounts

Shopping on Chip is faster and easier than ever

Shopper accounts not only help increase order size but also help make shopping a breeze thanks to autofill shipping details. Did you know that a 2017 study found logged-in buyers spend 10% more per order than guest buyers? See how it works:

Shipping autofills when users are logged into a shopper account.

The all-in-one dashboard for Chip shoppers

To help improve customer retention and provide a seamless purchasing experience, we’ve created a powerful self-service resource for TeeChip marketplace buyers.

Shoppers can now instantly access their order, account, and shipping information at a glance. Under the My Orders tab, shoppers are able to check on order status and position along the journey (validated, processing, shipped, or delivered). 

The dashboard also allows edits to preferred shipping address information.

Once a shopper has created an account on they can access their info in the dashboard

It’s easy for shoppers to create accounts

After completing an order, customers are invited to create a shopper account. Once created, their shipping address details will autofill on their next order — and they will be able to edit and monitor their orders.

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