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60" x 80" Woven Blanket

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Transform basic images into quality, woven blankets for wall art or cozying up on the couch.

About the product
Size: 60” x 80”
Woven from 100% cotton yarn
Features colorful fringe made from threads of your unique image
Products are proudly printed in the United States

Shipping Information
Destination: within the U.S.
U.S. Shipping: $8.99
U.S. Additional: $8.99
Production & Shipping Time Lead: 5-10 business days

Base Price/3k Base Price: $43.00/$42.00
Minimum sales price: $55.90
Suggested sales price: $78.95

Design Information
Artwork template: Download here
Minimum DPI: 150

Artwork Guide
This product results in color variances that will not print as desired with bright, hot colors. Woven blankets use red, blue, green, gold, white, and black yarns at different amounts combined to achieve the 195 possible color combinations. This means the finished product will select the nearest color match to accomplish the image submitted. 

To achieve the best printing quality possible, please refer to the color graphic to see how color appears on the final product and follow our guidelines: 


  • Choose artwork with busy backgrounds where reproducing small details isn’t as important
  • Use artwork with contrasting colors, i.e. light and dark
  • Use artwork that will look good when viewed at full size (60” x 80”) with a minimum 150 DPI
  • Use large, bold text in your designs
  • Design your artwork in CMYK and save them as PNG or JPG as sRGB


  • Use images with gradients
  • Use images with vibrant, hot, neon, or extremely yellow colors
  • Expect exact color payoff
  • Expect similar colors to contrast well, i.e. dark blues, purples, and reds
Category: Home & Living
Tag: Personalizable
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