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A healthy cash flow is the crucial lifeline of every business. With the new Chip Card, you can reinvest profits within minutes to keep your online marketing campaigns going strong.

Funding your marketing campaigns just got a whole lot easier

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Free & easy application
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No monthly or annual fees, no cancellation fees, and 0% transaction fees
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Continuous reinvestment

The Chip Card works seamlessly across several different platforms

Authorized Merchants: Facebook, Google, Amazon, Pinterest, Etsy, Reddit, and Twitter.

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Sign-up conditions

To be approved for the Chip Card, your seller account must comply with the following criteria:

  • No fraudulent history on record
  • No links to banned accounts
  • No infringements of Chip’s policies

The application review will take at least three to five business days to fully process.

How do I sign up?

The first step in applying for the Chip Card is to fill out our registration form with your personal information. If you’re already a Chip seller with an active custom domain, feel free to contact our support team for any questions.

Once approved, an email-issued card will then be sent to you to begin seamlessly funding your marketing campaigns.


  • No sign-up fee, transaction fee, and annual fees
  • Seller is responsible for all merchant/advertiser fees

Each seller can open a maximum of five cards.

Each transaction will be displayed in the seller dashboard under the “Profit” tab.

A successful Chip Card’s transaction record
A successful Chip Card’s transaction record
Apply “Chip Card” filter to view your card activity easily
Apply “Chip Card” filter to view your card activity easily
  • We only accept transactions in USD
  • Review our list of authorized merchants for approved transactions: Facebook Ads, Google ads, Amazon, Pinterest, Etsy, Reddit, Twitter
  • A transaction must be under your available profit

The seller will need to dispute non-authorized transactions made on the card. Chip will not be responsible for disputes or lost transactions. Lost dispute fee: $15.

If you’re in Vietnam, please go here to contact us for immediate support. If you’re outside of Vietnam, please contact us at

In case of loss, contact your account manager for immediate support. The card can be locked to prevent fraudulent activity. Chip will not be responsible for disputes or unauthorized transactions.

Please contact us at

If you’re located in Vietnam, you can contact and submit a ticket with our support team here

Everywhere else, please reach out to

Get a Chip Card today!

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