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September 2021

Platform updates

More products eligible for Fast Shipping

New color options for the Men’s Classic T-shirt are now eligible for Fast Shipping. The colors include purple, heliconia, royal, Texas orange, navy, light pink, Irish green, and forest green. Available as of Wednesday, September 1. Learn more about Fast Shipping.

Dropship improvements 

Every week, we share updates about the Chip Dropship platform on our Dropship What’s New blog. Updates include TikTok pixel support, upsells, rich text editing, bug fixes, and more. 

To date, Chip Dropship has helped some sellers achieve more than 100 sales per day. Don’t have Dropship yet? Sign up here.

Platform updates

About Us section

The About Us section of custom domains has been updated to include both print-on-demand and dropship.

Google Shopping

Chip is the first print-on-demand platform to officially partner with Google to give sellers the opportunity to use Google Shopping to advertise their Chip print-on-demand and dropship products. 

Sellers will have access to Chip’s Google Shopping experts to help create and manage their Google Ads accounts, as well as account support and troubleshooting assistance. Learn more on our blog:

Dropship improvements 

Every week, we share updates about the Chip Dropship platform on our Dropship What’s New blog. Updates include TikTok pixel support, upsells, rich text editing, bug fixes, and more. 

To date, Chip Dropship has helped some sellers achieve more than 100 sales per day. Don’t have Dropship yet? Sign up here.

New Halloween mockups for Classic T-shirt

Check out our newest Halloween-themed mockups for Classic T-shirts here.

Order confirmation sender emails

Order confirmation sender emails have been upgraded to [custom-domain], where custom-domain is your custom domain name.

Shipping price increase

As a result of increasing delivery costs, domestic and international shipping prices for Mugs, Color-changing Mugs, Posters (all sizes), and Men’s Classic T-shirts will increase by $1 USD at the product level starting Wednesday, August 18.

Dropship subaccount

To add Dropship subaccounts, please fill out the signup form for every subaccount here. You don’t need to mention that this is a subaccount on the form, and your subaccount user will get an email when their Dropship access has been enabled. 

Order confirmation sender emails

Order confirmation sender emails have been upgraded to [custom-domain], where custom-domain is your custom domain name.

Fast Shipping

Our Fast Shipping program includes 3-day delivery and 3-day service for these top-selling products:

What is 3-day delivery?

3-day delivery
3-day delivery checkout

Eligible orders ship the next business day with three-day shipping as long as the order is placed by 11:59 PM ET. Starts at just $1.00 USD. To qualify, an order must meet all of these conditions: 

  • Shipped to a U.S. address
  • Product in cart is 3-day-delivery eligible
  • Only one item in the cart

What is 3-day service?

Eligible orders are printed and shipped within three business days if the order is placed by 11:00 AM ET at no extra cost.

Learn more about Fast Shipping on our blog.

Request new mockups

During campaign creation, you can scroll to Product Mockups below the design process to request new mockups. You’ll be prompted to share more information about your request.

Facebook Product Feed

Chip has changed the URL format of Facebook Product Feeds, so sellers need to get the new URL and update their Facebook feed URL in their Facebook Ads accounts. Starting August 22, 2021 at 12 AM PDT, the old URL format will be invalid. 

You have two options to make this update:

Option 1: In your seller dashboard, go to Campaigns and click Resume Facebook Product Feed. You will be emailed the feed URL in the new, correct format.

Generate Facebook product feed button

Option 2: You can manually change the old URL format to the new URL format by replacing with The rest of the URL stays the same. Here’s an example:

OLD URL format:

NEW URL format:

Learn more about this update on our blog.

Dropship custom domain graphics library: Introducing ready-to-use Dropship banner images, collections images, and logos to design your custom domain like a pro. Access the graphics library here.

Platform updates

Onboarding checklist: Getting started with Chip is easier than ever with our new onboarding checklist. With this checklist, sellers will be just a few simple steps away from getting ready for their first sale.

Sample artwork library: You can access here to download free artwork to help you create your first campaign. To use the sample artwork, simply create a new campaign, and instead of uploading artwork, select any designs from the sample artwork library.

Platform updates

Seller Dashboard 2.1: Read about the latest improvements and features in the Chip dashboard on our blog.

Custom domain graphics library: Sellers can visit our graphics library to find banner images, collections images, and logos in different themes and styles they can use for their custom domains. Check it out here.

Search and filter options upgrades: Sellers can search by storefronts, tags, and the below campaign features from up to one year prior. Check your storefronts under domains to quickly see performance and do bulk editing with ease. 

We’ve also improved and added more search options by campaign features. Check out what’s changed:

  • Campaign's title - improved! See more accurate results when you search by campaign title.
  • Campaign's URL - new! See how individual campaigns are performing with filtering by URL.
  • Campaign's tags - new! See how your tags are doing with the option to filter by one tag at a time.

Bulk duplicate multi-side compatibility: When uploading new artwork on the Bulk Duplicate page, sellers can now remove and re-upload new artwork on any side of a product. Sellers can continue to do this for all artwork until all campaigns are bulk created.

Fresh addition to the product mockup library: As of now, you can update your campaigns with new mockups for the following products:

  • Classic T-shirts - 50 new mockups
  • Pint Glasses - 5 new mockups 

Product & fulfillment updates

Plus size buyer costs

As of July 1, 2021, buyers who purchase plus-size apparel starting at 2XL and up to 6XL will incur an additional cost depending on the size. Here is a list of the products:

Removed discontinued phone case models

All discontinued phone case models have been removed from the product page options dropdown and campaign creation flow. Find the list of removed products here:

Platform updates

Buyer search experience: When buyers search for a product on a custom domain, the results will go back up to 12 months (updated from three months) for all custom domains. For, the search history will go back three months.

Facebook and the Conversion API. Learn more here:

  • Domain-level Facebook Access Tokens: Sellers now can configure an access token for each domain by going to your dashboard > Domain > Domain details > Settings > Inserting the Access Token into the given field.
  • See more event traffic events in your Facebook Ads dashboard: More effectively manage your campaigns with newly added events: Purchase, View-Cart (new!), and Initiate-Checkout (new!).
  • Facebook deduplication error: To avoid a deduplication error, sellers will need to configure the Event ID parameter for every Facebook pixel. Learn more here.
  • Access Token removal: Sellers can now remove an access token after configuring it in the Chip dashboard.
Domains > Domain Settings - Domain level conversion tracking
Domains > Domain Settings - Domain-level conversion tracking

More currencies: Chip can now accept more currencies for custom domain purchases. Learn more on our blog.

Domain currency
There are a total of six currency options: USD, BDT, EURO, INR, PKR, VND.

Product & fulfillment updates

Discontinued products: Our 250 Piece Puzzles (horizontal and vertical) will be discontinued due to low demand. This is effective starting Friday, May 14, 2021. Any orders made prior to this date will be fulfilled like normal. 

New lifestyle mockups: 

  • Check out our new Posters and Doormats lifestyle mockups with models. Better mockups = more sales.
  • We’re adding lifestyle mockups to our Product Catalog to provide a better visual reference when you choose and design your products.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed/removed redemption ability and popup for disabled coupons
  • Fixed wrong streak points record for Chip Rewards
  • No more mismatched sales metrics on the seller dashboard as compared to actual sales
  • Fixed color option disappearing on mobile for buyer experience
  • Removed discontinued phone case models from campaign creation flow and buy page's dropdown 

Platform updates

Custom domains:

  • Easily opt out of your custom domain renewal with the new auto-renew toggle feature. Learn more here.
  • Initial and annual renewal fee reduced to $20/year. Learn more here.

Add the TikTok pixel to their accounts for more marketing options. Learn more here.

Implement the Facebook Conversion API access token to maximize your data-tracking accuracy. This is a result of Apple’s iOS 14 update. Learn more here.

We’ve incorporated upsells into each automated post-purchase email to increase sales, plus the option to add personalizable products to upsells. Learn more here.

Product & fulfillment updates

New Products: 

  • Area Rugs
  • Men's AOP Short Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Women's AOP Short Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Women's Racer Back Tanktop
  • Women's Racer Back Dress
  • Wooden Prints

Platform updates

New features for buyers:

  • Coupon field at checkout to add a coupon code for savings. Learn more here.
  • Option to filter by "Personalizable" products on the buy page

Improvements for sellers:

  • All products with personalizable text can be added to upsells
  • Upgraded custom domain homepage configurations:
    • Ability to toggle on/off the "Recommended For You" section 
    • Ability to toggle on/off the "Homepage Categories" section

Product & fulfillment updates

New Products: 

  • Wallets and Purses
  • Luggage Covers
  • Car Accessories: Seat Back Organizer + Seat Cover
  • Canvas Slip-Ons
  • Men and Women's Flip Flops
  • Glittering Tumblers

Platform updates

Chip Rewards: February Challenge featuring Mugs, Color-changing Mugs, Tumblers, and Pint Glasses 

Product & fulfillment updates

New Products:

  • Sweatpants
  • Baby Onesies
  • Leather Notebooks
  • Laundry Baskets
  • Undies (Men’s Briefs, Women’s Briefs, Women’s Lace Panties)
  • Wine Tumblers
  • Light Up Bottles
  • Vacuum Bottles
  • Tumblers
  • Woven Blankets

Platform updates

Introducing our Product Catalog! Find pricing details and design templates to download for all our products.

Chip Rewards: January Challenge featuring Hooded Blankets, Sleeve Blankets, and Fleece Scarves

Product & fulfillment updates

New Products:

  • Wall Clocks
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