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November 25 - December 16, 2021

Dropship transaction rate updates

We released updates to our dropship commission transaction rate earlier this week to reflect our actual costs in fulfilling orders. We made this decision based on risks and historical data of costs that include customer service, returns, exchanges, payments, chargebacks, etc. 

This change will allow Chip to keep taking care of everything for you at a minimal cost, so that you can focus on what really matters, selling more!

The transaction rate will depend on four factors:

  • Product rating
  • Store rating
  • Product value
  • Product category

The good news? The transaction rate can now be as low as 6.5%! And you’ll be able to predict the transaction rate based on the factors mentioned above. But you don’t have to worry about it, the new transaction rate will show up in your dashboard when you import a product.

For example, importing products with a 95%+ store rating and 4.5+ product rating could get you a transaction rate of only 6.5%. As long as the product value is under 50 USD and the product is not in the shoes, clothing, or electronics categories. 

✍️ Pro Tip: Import products with a store rating of over 90% and a product rating of 4.0 stars or more to get the lowest fee from Chip!

P.S. Don't forget to check out our Dropship catalog, updated weekly to get you the latest scoop on the most trending dropship products you can sell.

Dropship Catalog

We understand that finding great dropship products to sell can be a big challenge in keeping a successful business. Well, you don’t need to worry about this anymore! With Chip, you get access to our new dropship catalog with direct links to the latest best-selling products on AliExpress.

This catalog will be updated regularly with top-selling items on Facebook, plus exclusive recommendations from our suppliers. 

The best part is that we have already negotiated the best prices for you with the suppliers, so if you import our recommendations, you’ll get a 5% rebate at the end of the quarter! 

Visit Dropship Catalog here

Because of the holidays, we will slow down on new feature improvements and focus on fulfillment during this season to provide you with the best service.

We wish you the best for this holiday sales season. May you reach all your selling goals with Chip! 

Slash Price Improvement

This week, we give you full control to select the slashed price you want to show on your dropship listings. This way, you can run ads according to your promotions and showcase them on the buy page. 

All you need to do is go to your product listing and scroll down to the variants table, where you’ll find the new Slashed Price column. There, you can use the Change all dropdown to either Multiply by or Add to the selling price. The Clear option will show the default calculated value by Chip: Slash price = (Selling price / 0.87) + 0.95

Let’s say you want to run an ad with a 50% offer - you should make your slashed price reflect it. First, consider your selling price; in this case, $23. Then, multiply it by 2 to get a $46 slashed price so your customers can see the 50% discount, like in this example below. 

Upload Customer Reviews

Looking for a way to improve your online store’s credibility? Chip has made it easier than ever with customer reviews! Now, there are two ways to import reviews: via AliExpress reviews import or via upload of your own .csv file. See our .csv template here.

To start, go to your dashboard > Dropship > Select the product > Product review tab. 

Please note that when importing reviews via either method, you’ll overwrite any existing reviews on this product’s buy page.

Learn more about how to import product reviews here.

Quantity Discounts & Frequently Bought Together

There’s no excuse not to increase your AOV using our top features together. We’ve made some upgrades so that Quantity Discounts and Frequently Bought Together can be shown together on the buy page. 

Variant Combo characters

We’ve made our new Variant Combo feature better with no limit to the number of characters for the combos you create. 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Bundle & Save discount wasn’t applied when checking out.
  • Fixed a bug where some of the imported products from AliExpress didn’t allow you to create combos.  

Variant Combo

The feature you’ve been asking for is here! Variant combos are a fantastic way to increase your average order volume enticing your customers to buy multiple items at once. From now on, you can create a new variant or a combo that combines several existing variants of the same listing. 

How to set up Variant Combos: 

  1. In your dashboard, go to the Dropship tab and select a product.
  2. Scroll down to Variants and click on the new Create Combo button. 
  3. Click on Add Item to select the variant you want to add and assign the quantity.
  4. Repeat the process to keep adding items. Finally, click on Create when you are happy with the combo. Once your combo is created, you cannot edit the variants or the quantity.  

Also, you get to change the image for the variant (PNG format) and the name (54 characters max). Once your combo is ready, set it to Enabled. Here is how it will look on your dashboard. 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the base price of some products changed when being imported from AliExpress.
  • Fixed a bug in which selling prices displayed on the buy page differed from those on the dashboard.   

Coming soon

Another way to upload customer reviews is coming to your Chip dashboard. Soon, you’ll be able to add reviews to all of your products; the perfect way to increase your store’s credibility! 

Stay tuned to be among the first to know all the latest dropship updates. 

Stack Quantity Discounts with site-wide offers 

Make your offers more enticing than ever by stacking Quantity Discounts with site-wide promotions. Simply enable a site-wide promotion at the domain level and enable Quantity Discounts for a Dropship listing on that domain. Note that any other promotion rules still apply.

Auto-cancel negative profit orders

Stop losing money with this feature improvement! Sometimes, it can be hard to keep track of all the different discounts or promotions you have on your store. And some savvy buyers will take advantage of this, resulting in a loss for you. But don’t worry! That’s no longer the case because any orders that show a negative profit will automatically be canceled before they ship out.

Christmas cut-off date

The holiday season is fast approaching, so let your sellers know that all orders with Dropship products using standard shipping should be placed by Monday, November 29, 2021 at 11:59 PM PST. 

Note: These cut-off dates only apply to deliveries within the U.S. Estimated shipping time for international orders will vary depending on the destination and cannot be guaranteed to arrive on time.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where names and images of dropship products were not displayed correctly on Recommended for You sections, Tag pages, storefronts, and search results. 
  • Fixed a bug where Frequently Bought Together was not displaying on the buy page after being enabled. 

International shipping destinations for Dropship

What you have been asking for has finally come true! As you may already know, your market is expanding. In addition to the US, you can ship products to Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, and the United Kingdom. But this won’t be all; the list of countries and your market will continue to grow in the coming weeks!


  • Currently, only countries with shipping costs that are the same* as shipping costs on an identical product in the US are eligible for international shipping. 
  • At the moment, international shipping is only available for newly imported listings, and the same product cannot be imported multiple times. The Chip team is working on a solution, so please stay tuned for updates.

Enter our Dropship Holiday Contest for a chance to win $45K USD! Learn more.

*We had previously stated shipping costs could be less than or the same as that in the US, but shipping costs from other countries need to be identical to those in the US to be eligible for international shipping.

Frequently Bought Together

Frequently bought together GIF

Another great option to increase your AOV is here! We recommend you use Frequently Bought Together to encourage your customers to buy more than one item in an order, especially if you have related and relevant products in your store. 

To set it up, go to Dropship > Select the product > Listing Details > Scroll to Frequently Bought Together. From there, you can add products and customize the offer message.

Coming soon: You’ll be able to add a discount to your Frequently Bought Together bundle to make it more appealing to your buyers.

Special characters

From now on, you can add more special characters to create emphasis in your products and listing titles. The new list of characters includes “A-Z 0-9 - & : / % + , . ! ' “ ( ) <>” 

This update is also available for all your print-on-demand products. 

Variant names must be unique

Using the same name for all the different product variants can confuse your customers and deter them from purchasing. To prevent this, we’ve added a special notice to inform you when a change is needed when creating or editing the product details.  

Mystery boxes cannot be imported

Avoid losing credibility with your customers with low-quality products! Mystery boxes and similar types of products cannot be imported to Chip. 

Bug fixes

  • Bundle & Save: Fixed a bug in which you could not select items from listings with a single variant.
  • TikTok sales tracking discrepancy: Fixed a bug where some sales made via TikTok were not recorded in the dashboard.

Customize variant display 

Now, you’re in control of how you want your variants to look. You can decide whether you want to show your dropship listing variants as text or as thumbnail images, the default option. Pro tip: Choose a text display for listings that have variant combos.

To configure your listings, go to the Listing Details of the product you want to change and select your favorite in Variants on Buy page below the Conversion tracking section.

Stock Countdown Bar

This feature is going to become a fast favorite! You can now add a stock countdown to your dropship listings so you can display a random number of remaining stock on the Buy page. This urges shoppers to buy sooner rather than later and improves your conversion rate as a result.

Note: When adding the stock countdown bar to existing dropship listings, click “Save changes'' to add this feature. You do not have to do this for newly imported products.

Quantity Discounts 2.0

A fan favorite from last week’s release has been upgraded. Our Quantity Discounts option on the Buy page can now be used alongside the free shipping site-wide offer to entice your customers even more into making that big purchase.

Shortened steps on checkout page

Don’t lose customers because your checkout process is too long. We’ve removed the “Is this quantity correct?” pop up (above) from the checkout page on dropship items to improve your conversion rates and help your customers complete their purchase faster. Sellers do not need to take any action.

Eliminate auto scroll up on buy page

Talking about getting your customers from A to Z faster, we’ve improved our user experience on the Buy page. When shoppers select a different variant now, they won’t see the auto scroll-up anymore. Less confusion = more sales!

Auto-correct order address 

One of the main reasons orders are canceled is because of incorrect addresses, which doesn’t make either the seller or buyer very happy. To remedy this problem, we’ve built a feature that uses UPS to auto-correct order addresses so we can avoid this problem once and for all.

Bug fixes

  • Variant availability: Fixed a bug that showed a variant wasn’t available even if it was on AliExpress.
  • Incorrect variant name: Fixed a bug that displayed the wrong variant name at checkout and in emails.
  • Incorrect profit calculation: Fixed a bug that calculated profit incorrectly.
  • Incorrect shipping cost: Fixed a bug that calculated shipping cost incorrectly.

Quantity Discounts

Encourage your customers to buy two or more of the same item by setting up enticing quantity discounts. Find it in your dashboard in the upsells section of each listing as Quantity Discounts. Coming soon: Buy more, save more stackable with site-wide promotion.   

Improvements on the user experience on the Buy page

Boost your conversion rates and average order volumes by optimizing your buy page with the following features that you can set up on the Domain Settings page.

Buy it now, Add to cart CTAs

Change the call-to-action buttons. Our default setting is “Buy it now.” You can also choose to show the “Add to cart” button only or both on the buy page. This change applies to both POD and dropship listings.

Show the lowest price. When the buyer lands on the buy page, we will show the price of the lowest-priced variant.

 Ability to close upsell modal. Buyers are now able to close the upsell modal that appears on the buy page. Only available for dropship listings.

Discount tag: Your customers can now see how much they are saving in USD and the percentage on the Buy page. Do this by turning on “Slash Price” in your Domain Settings.

Edit variant images

Now, you have the ability to upload and edit a variant image of a dropship listing after you have imported the product.

2-hour window cancellation for buyers

Order cancellation

We’ve re-enabled the 2-hour window during which buyers can cancel their orders.

Bug fixes:

  • Product’s description not displaying correctly: Fixed a bug related to the product’s description not showing the correct format. 
  • Post-sale upsell: Fixed a bug related to the post-sale upsell modal.
  • Unavailable variant: Fixed a bug related to a variant showing as unavailable even though it’s still in stock on Aliexpress.
  • Customer reviews: Fixed a bug related to buyers seeing customer reviews by clicking on rating stars even when the seller turned it off

Video upload in descriptions

Product descriptions are about to get more exciting! You can now upload videos in the product description area ​​to make your listings more engaging and realistic for shoppers. All you need is a URL from YouTube or Vimeo to insert into the description. 

Marketing email functionality

Dropship products are getting on more marketing channels in Chip, starting with emails. Now, when creating marketing emails, you can add dropship products to the mix to make your emails more representative of your store offerings.

Dashboard analytics

Similar to the print-on-demand dashboard analytics, there is now a dashboard analytics for dropship at the product level. This way, you can get a better understanding of how your products are performing in terms of average sale price, order count, unit sales, and total profit.

Shipping cost adjustments

Following a new AliExpress update, shipping costs for one-order items and additional items have been adjusted in favor of sellers. 

Bug fixes

  • Correct mockup colors: Fixed a bug where color of the product mockup didn’t change when a different color was selected from the first color option.

Marketing emails

Enhance your marketing emails with the addition of dropship products for a more well-rounded buyer experience.

Print-on-demand upsells

You asked for it; you got it! Now, you can upsell a POD product with a dropship product to increase your selling opportunities across the board.

Print-on-demand bundles

Bundle up and increase your average order volume! Now, you can bundle a POD product with a dropship product to diversify your offerings.

Bug Fixes

  • Product search and storefronts: Fixed a bug related to dropship product search and dropship products showing up in a storefront.
  • Subaccounts: Fixed a bug where subaccounts could not be seen in the Dropship tab. At the moment, if you want to add subaccounts, please fill out our signup form for every subaccount here.

TikTok pixel

You can add a TikTok pixel to track their advertising efforts. Also added Pinterest and Twitter pixels.

Product list pages

You can now see the quantity sold and total profit in near real-time on product list pages.

Bug fixes

  • Item quantity: Fixed a bug where a buyer had problems increasing or decreasing the quantity of an order item. 
  • Mixed orders: Fixed a bug related to how we process orders containing both dropship and print-on-demand products.
  • Product uploads: Fixed a bug that sellers encountered when trying to upload a single-variant product from AliExpress. 
  • Mockup images: Fixed a bug where the second mockup image wasn't showing up on certain devices.

Upsells in cart

Dropship products now appear in the Recommended Products upsell section in shopping carts.


Dropship products are now searchable on custom domains.

Facebook Pixel

Updated for easier use and to show an error message when relevant.

Transaction Rate

Updated product pages to show transaction fees and explanations.

Estimated profits

The Dropship section of the seller dashboard now shows “Estimated profits” instead of just “Profits.”

Bug fixes

  • Tag pages: Dropship products will now load on all tag pages. 
  • Incomplete domain registrations: Even if your domain registration is unfinished, you will not run into any issues with listing creation.
  • Multiple registered domains: Users with several registered domains can now see details of their products.
  • Color searching: Shoppers can color search within a storefront. 
  • Recommended upsells: Fixed a bug that prevented some Dropship listings from showing in the recommended upsell section.

Facebook Pixels

Add a pixel to your listing to help with your Facebook Ads.

Listing tags

Better organize your products and listings with custom tags.

Variant costs

We’ve updated variant costs to help you better understand the cost of your variants when you import them. To get the most accurate profit calculations, please set your prices as if flash sales, discounts, coupons, etc. didn’t exist.

Rich text editing

Add images, bold, underline, and more editing options have been added to the product description area.

Upsell recommendations

Dropship products now appear in the Recommended Products upsell section.

Bug fixes

Variant picker: Improvements have been made on retail product pages regarding incorrect variants being chosen.

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